Thursday, May 28, 2009

A First Post on Second Blog

I have decided to start a new blog that is more relevant to me, what I enjoy, those whom I enjoy them with, and who inspires me.  My original blog,  the Crafty Mommy was for me to blog but I wanted to be anonymous.  I was afraid to be an artist, art journaler, crafter, participant... out in the open.  I hid behind my 'mommy' status.  I didn't think anyone would read my blog (except for Julie).   But things have changed.

Attending Art and Soul retreat in Hampton, Va was inspiring to me as an artist.  I met wonderful people, took fabulous classes, and came to the realization that I am good enough to be 'out there' with others who call themselves artists.  I am not proficient at any one medium yet, I don't draw and shade very well, but I have the spirit and I am ready to go with it.  Art journaling has also helped me development my self esteem where it needed to grow.  I have been participating in online group that offer daily or weekly prompts and images.  I truly enjoy it and it feels great to be putting myself out there both on paper in my journals and in the online world a bit.

So here I go.  I hope people read this.  If nothing else it is another place for me to write and express myself.