Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Broken Record and Martha's Vineyard

I sound like a broken record - talking to myself anyhow - wondering how I let so much time pass between blog posts.  I vowed to stay consistent.  Then again I am one who won't whine and complain on social media and in my blog and want to keep things drama free.  That explains the absence, as we have had lots of drama.  Hopefully most of it is behind us.  One of my favorite sayings that I often use in my artwork is "Keep moving forward".  I try to live by it.  

At the last minute (a trip planned in under 24 hours) my husband and I found ourselves in Martha's Vineyard, desperately in need of a few days of peace and relaxation.  A short distance off of the shores of Cape Cod, it is an island practically void of chain restaurants and shops and where most people leave the makeup and heels at home.  Amazed that we found a hotel room, we were welcomed at the Hob Knob Inn in Edgartown.  Pure charm!  We spent 3 days exploring the island and it's different towns, eating a lot of fried clams, lobster rolls and ice cream along the way while taking in the view of ocean, forest and farmland.  

How convenient that there was a Blueberry Festival?!

You can imagine that if there is a quilt shop nearby I will find it.  The Vineyard did not disappoint and I was thrilled to find that the Heath Hen Yarn and Quilt Shop in Vineyard Haven was participating in the Row by Row experience. 

 I stopped in and met Jan the owner while perusing this charming island shop.  She had a carefully curated selection of fabrics and patterns, including fabrics one would hope to find there - lobsters, sailing and other nautical themes.  Colorful skeins of yarn invite you to create something warm for the New England winters.  

The island was chock full of farms, farm to table restaurants, and locally made goods.  We stopped at at some of the little farms that were open to the public.  One advertised wool and had adorable baby lambs.  I was a bit horrified when I stopped into the farm shop and they advertised lamb chops next to the yarn.  Noooooo!

An alpaca farm was a well known stop along our travels so we couldn't resist.  (Okay, it was me who couldn't resist. Husband went along with it).   Education about alpacas is an important facet of the farm, and they sell babies for pets!  There were lots of the cuties, including two babies, and we were welcome to pet them - as long as it was done properly.  While I am not bringing an alpaca home to Boca, I did enjoy the visit.  Boy are they cute!!

A little beach, a little boat (a 10 pound bluefish) and a lot of fresh air. Ready to return to the running of the shop, the donation quilt project for the guild and lots of other things on my plate.  

It's all good.