Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays

Be Unique
Live Creatively

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Before and After



Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This poor blog fell by the wayside when I opened up Three Crafty Quilters. Trying to run two shops with two blogs, two Facebook pages, two Twitter accounts and one website just got to be crazy. However I have decided to participate in some online bees and swaps and don't think any new online friends will care about a new class schedule (unless you are coming to Florida!)

So, I hereby resurrect this blog to separate work (yes, even though I have a dream job it can be work) and play.

Welcome back to Johanna Creates!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Handmade Life

I love art zines! I have slowly collected a nice selection that I very often like to sit down and pour through.
There is a new issue of Handmade Life from Alchemy Studios available now on Etsy - and a couple of my art journal pages are featured!

If you like zines, I'll post a list of some of my favorites.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Looks Can be Deceiving

When it comes to just how much fabric it takes to open up a new fabric, quilting, and sewing shop, looks can be truly be deceiving! The boxes have been arriving and stacking up - Hoffman, Moda, Timeless Treasures, Westminster. Lots of top quality bolts freshly rolled and still in plastic. I unpacked them lovingly and arranged them - albeit temporarily - to try to determine the most appealing merchandise layout. When all the boxes were unpacked, broken down, and taken out the the trash, I looked around to what still looks like a fairly empty shop! Oy! I immediately ran home to my file to see what was on order. Fortunately there is still quite a bit coming in, including the whole line of Moda puzzle pieces (a rainbow of basic prints - yummy!). The notions and books should arrive later this week. I got the permit from the city (thanks to the ladies in the zoning and business licensing - so friendly and helpful! I am getting so excited to open! The response from everyone seems very positive. Need to take photos for you.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Building Shelves for Fabric

The shelves are build (although I think and hope I will need a lot more!) The electrician is finishing up little things. We have a phone line. Next week the goodies get brought in! I envision a rainbow wall of fabric. yum!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Shop Under Construction

I am embarking on a new venture - I may be a little crazy - I am opening up another store! I often say to myself that I look forward the time that an event I am planning is over or a project is completed. I never can seem to leave well alone and start something new immediately! Case in point: I planned my son's bar mitzvah two years ago. While planning, I decided to move and started overseeing a renovation an addition of my new house plus to sell and pack up my current house. Bar Mitzvah finishes, I move and sell my home. Two weeks later I take over ownership of Three Crafty Ladies. In less than three and a half months I move the shop a few doors down to a bigger, brighter space. My one year anniversary of store ownership is coming up and I will celebrate with the opening of another across the state in Boca Raton. ....Exhale....

It's all good. I couldn't be more excited! My to-do list is huge and I love being busy. I thought it may be fun to chronicle the evolution of Three Crafty Quilters. I live nearby and found some space near my husband's office with store front. It is on a side street in the downtown part of the city. The seasonal Greenmarket is across the street.

This photo was taken on a cloudy, rainy day. The building has since been repainted, the parking lot repaved.

I have had some busy buying meetings with my favorite fabric reps and my mind swirls with creative ideas for displays! I have chosen lots of color! This week we do the flooring. I need to get a phone line. Buy fixtures and shelves. I'll update the new store here, as this is my latest creation!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NYC Inspiration

Every summer I think it is going to be more relaxing, not being on such a tight schedule with the boys' activities. Summer comes and goes faster and faster each year, as we travel and try to fit so much into so little time. I am getting a bit tired of the travel at the moment, even though I just booked a trip to DC with my son, but have found such inspiration and have visited some fun places.

While I have not traveled to anywhere new or exotic, I took the time while in NYC to slow down and SEE things. No kids were in tow so that meant the grownups could see what we wanted to see. Period. On our schedule. This was the first trip to the city since I bought the shop so I enjoyed going into places like M&J Trim, Tinsel Trading, and Purl Soho's new store with a different perspective. We shared a camera and snapped some cool photos - my husband likes to photograph buildings and food, I like the street, especially graffiti. He caught some good candids of me shopping in various shops and flea markets. Heaven!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello Kitty Cake!

Most of my 'mom' friends are not artsy or crafty - or so they think! They don't like to admit it perhaps, or their inner critic is very powerful (mine still is - I described myself as a closet artist that hasn't come out yet to someone this week).
I like to think that my artsy self encourages and allows my friends to embrace their creativity. A group of friends celebrated my birthday a bit early today and the hostess created the most fantastic cake for me! Hello Kitty!!!

She has always been into cooking and baking, which I consider an art or craft, and has been taking some cake decorating classes. She created the topping with chocolate fondant, gum past balls and royal icing kitty that she made in advance. The letters were cut out of fondant with little cookie cutters. How awesomely cute is this? And even better? It was chocolate red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. mmmmmm!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm In Cloth Paper Scissors!

My mini crazy quilt pendant is on page 80!
(I know I sound corny but it is the first time I have ever submitted or participated in something like this!)
Check it out (or go here to see a photo)

Friday, June 11, 2010

So I Am Proud

My brother from another mother has his daughter featured on Kmart's Baby Alive box. She is so adorable!
I've never been a fan of dolls but I had to buy the box. I think my son and I will alter Baby Alive. I've been thinking about he and I doing some mixed media assemblage over the summer. I was inspired by Michael Demeng and the class he taught at Art and Soul in 2009 titled Island of Demented Toys.

(theses photos were taken from the Urban Craft Center's website, where he also taught that class and they have better photos!)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creative Sunday

Making paper with leftovers and instructions from Albie Smith's Bevy of Books class at Art and Soul.

Tomorrow I make another book!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inspiring Art

I am always looking for art for my home that makes me happy. What you surround yourself with in your home should inspire you and make you feel happy. That is how I feel about the whimsical artwork that has been chosen for my home.

The top photo includes paintings by Marisa Haedike, Kill Taupe, and Spiral Forest Studios and the bottom is artwork by Brooklyn artist John Hung Ha.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art and Soul Fed my Soul

I'm back from Art and Soul in Hampton, VA and had a fantastic time. While I am happy to be home with my family it was sad to leave, as it a wonderful, refreshing, inspiring place to be if you enjoy creating and be around creative people.

I enjoyed my classes and have some amazing finished projects to show off now that I am home. I snapped a few photos while I was there. They were taken with my iphone so the quality leaves something to be desired. I will take some additional shots of my creations in addition to the two fat books that I brought home.

A quick run down and a few photos to start.

Friday was the first day of class for me and I took 'Bevy of Books' with Albie Smith. She was such a delight. We spent the first part of the day making papers - color washes, prints, molding paste papers. The afternoon was spent learning new techniques in sizing and binding books. I have a stack of pretty pretty papers and a few finished hand bound books. I will photograph these soon to show you.

Friday Evening was a Art Journaling Meetup organized by artist and author Diana Trout. Lots of people turned out for some socializing, art journal camaraderie and sharing (and trading of course). We were joined by the wonderful staff from the on site store, Collage. No photos from this - hopefully I can link to some when others post.

Saturday was Soldering for Virgins with the ever popular Sally Jean Alexander. Artist, author, cheerleader and mom - it was a great day!! We learned the basics of soldering and I finished six soldered charms in all shapes and sizes and put them together on a bracelet - bling!!

Sally Jean, who was assisted by her adorable daughter, was a motivating and easy to follow instructor. I took her 'Lovebird Necklace' on Saturday. We began the day with the creation of a collage and then put together the elements to be soldered into the most incredible piece of art jewelry. I modeled my [almost] finished piece above, shown posing with Sally Jean. I can't wait to solder on my own!

This is Sally Jean's sample necklace. Beautiful, isn't it?

I'l post more photos and reports, along with the many ideas, inspirations, and interesting people that I met in Hampton. We had vendor night and my final workshop was with the amazingly talented and color loving Traci Bautista.

Come back soon to visit!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

In my Element

Art and Soul is my happy place. It is so great to be among so many creative and talented people! It is easy to socialize, as everyone is friendly and have something in common-a love of art and creating. I don't think I can post pictures from my new iPad so when I return I'll share the love. The fat books -there are 2-are amazing. I have made books and jewelry and am so proud of the results. More soldering jewelry to come. I'll update you all soon!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Packing Supplies and Trades

I finally finished making up trades to bring to Art and Soul. I leave in 3 days and shipped my box of supplies out today.

Fabric and paper piles - remnants of creativity!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Art and Soul Countdown

6 days until Art and Soul!
One week from tonight I will be sitting with Diana Trout and other creative souls in an Art Journaling meet-up.
I will have finished a busy day in my first workshop - Bevy of Books with Albie Smith.
Other classes are with Sally Jean Alexander and Traci Bautista (with whom I have been wanted to take a class with for a long time!)
I am hunting and gathering my supplies and hopefully will ship them up to Virginia. In the meantime, I am making up some trades to bring with me so I can join in the fun!

Sally Jean's book

Traci Bautista's Book

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fat Books 2010!

I'm counting the days until Art and Soul in Hampton. (nine days...)
This year I participated in not one but two fat book projects!
One had a pocket skirt theme (not sure if I took a photo of that page)

The second book has a 'Wonderland" theme. A hostess will put all of the participant's pages together and the result is a fabulous chunky art treasure. I can't wait to see and receive them at A&S!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hip to Make Rice

The most fabulous looking appliance for your kitchen - one you will want to keep out. I don't count carbs - I cook rices and steel cut oatmeal in this every day. It has a catchy little start and stop tune and keeps my food warm. Japanese design at it's typical greatness.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Scarf for Tank

I can't resist him, can you?
Imagine walking by him and he looks up at you with those soulful basset eyes. Just try NOT to pat him.
The new embroidery tools on my sewing machine came in handy making Tank a new scarf with his name on it. He looks so coordinated!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Journal 365

I finally made my journal for Pam Carriker's Journal 365 class. I had never made a handbound book like this before. It was a lot of fun to create, even though I had to substitute some materials. I am looking forward to the art that will fill it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Magazine Junkie - French Love!

From the moment I saw you peeking out from behind a large stack of magazines in the Milan airport it was love at first sight. And I have been fortunate to find you over and over again somewhere between the home decor and craft departments at my local B&N. Oh, Marie Claire Idees you are just perfect, too bad I can't read French! You are eye candy, with both contemporary and traditional photographs that will inspire everyone. Things for home, self, children, gifts - I never tire of you. Someday I will be able to read you - until then I will still cherish and enjoy you.

Love the magazine month after month. And I have now discovered a quilt magazine called Quilt Mania (okay, it's not new but it is new to me.) Printed in France, it has the wonderful photography and eye catching layouts that I love, and best of all it is printed in English! I can't stop looking at the latest issue. I 'borrowed' it from my store to 'review'. I don't know if I want to put it back for sale. It features traditional and art quilts, a Japanese exhibit, and even has a pattern included. My kids are going back to school tomorrow. I vow to make time to read a bit more of this magazine. And I don't need a translator.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome to My Personal Blog

I have been regularly keeping up with my store's blog, which has been very enjoyable, if not a bit challenging thinking of things to post that would be of interest to my customers. I have also hesitated to put anything of my own personal artwork on it, as I feel a bit shy - or maybe inappropriate - mixing business and pleasure (even though in my lucky world they are connected!)

I kept a personal blog sporadically in the past called but I feel like I have outgrown it - that it doesn't represent me as much. So I chose to start again. I actually started after returned from Art and Soul in Hampton, VA last May. So inspired to create my own art and be less afraid to share it. Looking back I only posted once and then life got in the way and the store came into my life. Fast forward almost a year and I am back.

I have signed up for an online class with Pam Carriker, whose artwork has always inspired me. It is called Journal 365 and it lasts for a whole year. I am trying to motivated myself to stick with a project long term (not an easy feat). I am also in the middle of participated in not one but two fatbook swaps for the upcoming Art and Soul retreat. Thus I decided to create a space where I could post my personal work and connect with others like me, without mixing too much personal with the wonderful goings on at Three Crafty Ladies. Of course everyone is invited to read both!

So I begin my journey again, super charged creatively and hoping that I will stick with the online class and this blog. Happy crafting!