Monday, February 22, 2016

Weighting for Rust

I really do create everyday. Very often it a small bit at night, but no day goes by that I don't do something.  I can't help myself, can you?  

Sunday is my day to play the most, and this weekend was no exception.  My son had surprised us for a visit from college the previous weekend and left all of his weight lifting equipment outside on our patio (in Florida.)  Rust appeared in areas and just called to me to dye with it.  So I did.

I grabbed the required supplies, which are always things I have around the house (and that does not happen often when the creative spirit moves me to try something new.)  Vinegar with water in a spray bottle, fishing line and fabric.  (Gloves may have been nice but I couldn't find any.  I am updated on my tetanus shot.)  

I wet the fabric with the vinegar/water mixture and wrapped it around the rusty areas.  Some pieces were scrunched, some were cut thinner and wrapped around.  Another was placed under weight plates. 

I let them sit overnight, spritzing it a few times to dampen it.  In the morning I unwrapped the fabric.  It was rinsed in a water and baking soda bath for a while to neutralize the rust and then rinsed again in clean water.  Some pieces came out better than others but I am excited by the prospects.  

Some pieces turned out better than others.   Not quite sure what I will do with the new fabric, but   I am liking the possibilities!  
(so is Stella! )