Wednesday, April 30, 2014

IHanna's Postcard Swap

I have been having so much fun playing in my mixed media mess of fun in my studio lately!  By day I am surrounded by fabric (which I LOVE) yet in the off hours I often mix it up with paper, paints, pens,etc..  I have been keep up (sort of) with the Documented Life Project and took a mixed media book making class with DJ Petit (3 days of fabulous).

Years ago (when AOL was the only email option) I participated in mail art.  I loved it and saved some of it, as I didn't want to part with some cool art.  I have seen the postcard swaps that iHanna has sponsored and was excited to be on top of things and sign up.  I created 10 postcards and will mail them out tomorrow to recipients in the US and beyond.  I will also be receiving 10 in my mailbox.  Fun, right?!!

Here are my 10 postcards.  I started with a whole bunch of Gelli prints.  Some have collaged bits of paper and fabric - a few deli paper flowers.  I added paints, markers, and some stitching.  Hanna created a postcard template for the notes and addresses.  Lot's of people will be making May 1st a happy mail day!  Come back to see what mail arrives in MY box!  (perhaps I'll get around to catching up with posts of my DLP project, too!)