Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Resolution 2014

Not going to resolve to lose weight. Not going to resolve to exercise more (that just won't happen). Not going to resolve to take more time for me (not going to happen either.) 
  I resolve to learn new 
creative techniques in 2014.

I think this is a reasonable and attainable goal, as I have already committee to taking some classes (non-refundable deposits) from some teachers that I am really excited about.  The artwork above is from the talented D.J. Pettitt, who will be teaching a three day workshop at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps in Lake Worth, Florida.  I am looking forward to this mixed-media workshop, that will combine book arts, painting, and all kinds of techniques.  Before this April class, I will take a class with quilt star Cindy Blackberg.  She is well known for her hand-piecing techniques.  Hope to get some fabric dying classes in at some point, and I met a nice artist at the shop today who teaches private encaustic classes.  Hmmm.  While the classes mentioned seem to be at polar opposites of the creative spectrum, I am addicted to all types are arts and crafts and like to experience it ALL!  Some things I will never try again (acid dying of wool - best done in a classroom outside of my house!) and some I will take and incorporate into my mix.  Finding out there are so many creative peeps in Florida - who knows what opportunities may come my way!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Personal Endeavor for 2014

I have had this blog for several years, and for the last two it has laid dormant and neglected. It's not that I have disappeared from the face of the blogosphere, it has just been that I have parked myself on my shop site. Much has happened in that time frame, including the growth of StitchCraft, my shop in Boca Raton and subsequent website. It has been a fun and exciting time. Mix that with a family (two teenage boys) four dogs, a few health issues thrown in for good measure, and I am amazed that I was able to accomplish what I did! Every morning during my thinking time (aka time spent in the bathroom getting ready to go out into public) I think about writing. I try to art journal as much as I can, as I love it. Art journaling is an outlet for creative freedom. I can be as simply, doodle-y or detailed as I choose. I think about profound and interesting topics that I would like to write about. I often scribble them in a journal (or on a Post-it) just so I don't forget it. I think about writing a personal blog again, as I don't want to mix personal thoughts and non-sewing and quilting related topics in with the StitchCraft blog. Not that some my wonderful customers and friends wouldn't want to read it, just not everyone would and I want and need to keep it relevant. SO I hunted down my password for this blog and plan to resurrect it.
My editing of photos and skills for coding and prettying-up a blog are lacking, but I like to think my thoughts and writing aren't too bad. I hope to share some of the work that I do in the mixed media world, along with the fabric world. I do get to visit some pretty cool shows and take some interesting trips where I visit some fabulous shops, restaurants, markets, classes, and more. I will throw in a few dog photos because I can. It's my personal blog after all! Thanks for stopping by - hoping to see you again soon. Johanna