Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What is on my Craft Table

Or should I say, on every table in my house? I have been renovating my craft room - expanding it to better accommodate my quilting. The walls are finished and I now have the daunting task of moving back in and putting things back into it's place - or it's new place. I am trying to do it in an organized manner so I don't need to do it again. Of course the quilt show entry deadline is tomorrow so the unpacking has been put on the back burner while I finished this up.
It is a paper pieced pattern and I quilted it my self. Just finishing up the binding and sleeve. I also can't resist goodies when they become available, especially if they are from one of my favorite artists - Teesha Moore! She has been cleaning and organizing HER studio space and some of us have ordered some of her stash to add to our own. Yah, yah it's a sickness. But look at this BOX!
What does one do with the photos on our computers, phones, clouds? I can't possibly print them all. Heck, I forget I took most of them. I was sorting through and sending some to my computer that may be interesting to journal with. Last month on Sanibel Island I followed these cuties around the beach. I call them Grampa Lewy birds because they have the same hairline that my late grandfather had (he was super cool and a musician so he would have appreciated this tribute.)
I have intentions of blogging more. I think every day about the topics I would like to write about - the benefits of living creatively, how creativity touches us, creative outlets around the world. There are journals and notepads EVERYWHERE with notes. I'll get there. Be creative!!