Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Shop Under Construction

I am embarking on a new venture - I may be a little crazy - I am opening up another store! I often say to myself that I look forward the time that an event I am planning is over or a project is completed. I never can seem to leave well alone and start something new immediately! Case in point: I planned my son's bar mitzvah two years ago. While planning, I decided to move and started overseeing a renovation an addition of my new house plus to sell and pack up my current house. Bar Mitzvah finishes, I move and sell my home. Two weeks later I take over ownership of Three Crafty Ladies. In less than three and a half months I move the shop a few doors down to a bigger, brighter space. My one year anniversary of store ownership is coming up and I will celebrate with the opening of another across the state in Boca Raton. ....Exhale....

It's all good. I couldn't be more excited! My to-do list is huge and I love being busy. I thought it may be fun to chronicle the evolution of Three Crafty Quilters. I live nearby and found some space near my husband's office with store front. It is on a side street in the downtown part of the city. The seasonal Greenmarket is across the street.

This photo was taken on a cloudy, rainy day. The building has since been repainted, the parking lot repaved.

I have had some busy buying meetings with my favorite fabric reps and my mind swirls with creative ideas for displays! I have chosen lots of color! This week we do the flooring. I need to get a phone line. Buy fixtures and shelves. I'll update the new store here, as this is my latest creation!