Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NYC Inspiration

Every summer I think it is going to be more relaxing, not being on such a tight schedule with the boys' activities. Summer comes and goes faster and faster each year, as we travel and try to fit so much into so little time. I am getting a bit tired of the travel at the moment, even though I just booked a trip to DC with my son, but have found such inspiration and have visited some fun places.

While I have not traveled to anywhere new or exotic, I took the time while in NYC to slow down and SEE things. No kids were in tow so that meant the grownups could see what we wanted to see. Period. On our schedule. This was the first trip to the city since I bought the shop so I enjoyed going into places like M&J Trim, Tinsel Trading, and Purl Soho's new store with a different perspective. We shared a camera and snapped some cool photos - my husband likes to photograph buildings and food, I like the street, especially graffiti. He caught some good candids of me shopping in various shops and flea markets. Heaven!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello Kitty Cake!

Most of my 'mom' friends are not artsy or crafty - or so they think! They don't like to admit it perhaps, or their inner critic is very powerful (mine still is - I described myself as a closet artist that hasn't come out yet to someone this week).
I like to think that my artsy self encourages and allows my friends to embrace their creativity. A group of friends celebrated my birthday a bit early today and the hostess created the most fantastic cake for me! Hello Kitty!!!

She has always been into cooking and baking, which I consider an art or craft, and has been taking some cake decorating classes. She created the topping with chocolate fondant, gum past balls and royal icing kitty that she made in advance. The letters were cut out of fondant with little cookie cutters. How awesomely cute is this? And even better? It was chocolate red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. mmmmmm!