Friday, January 31, 2014

Documented Life - Week 3

I am late posting the week three challenge - using an envelope from our mail on our page.  This was a fun and easy task, as I used to enjoy participating in mail art exchanges and challenges.  I had lots of ideas for embellishing and altering envelopes.  
I made my page two sided, using an envelope from the days mail and trimming it down to fit in my planner.  I decided to keep the outer edge open to use it to store other papers and such if I choose.  This side was painted and doodled with circles and dots and paper scraps were glued on.  The flower was drawn on the inside of a security envelope and colored with copics and cut out.  (This was one of the lessons in last years' online workshop 21 Secrets.)  Inside peeking out the window is an image from a stamp I carved of a basset hound (I own 2!)
This side was printed using my Gelli Plate (love it) and collaged with more bits of papers and a few more colored envelope doodle cutouts.  I affixed another envelope  - from a Starbucks gift card - that can also be used.  I tend to reach for the same color palette, don't I?  Blues, pinks, oranges - anything bright and cheerful.  I should challenge myself to do a very neutral piece some day.  Or maybe not.  When I do my pages - whether in this planner or other art journal - I just go! I  Intuitively grab paints, markers, collage elements, and any thoughts that I want to convey usually just come to me if I am to journal.  I am not an artist by trade and often have to follow written patterns when I am making samples or teaching in my quilt shop.  The art journaling is freeing and I love it!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 2 Challenge - the Documented Life Project

Roben-Marie Smith

Add a 'selfie' on our weekly journal page was the challenge for the second week.  It has been so interesting to see how so many creative people interpret the challenges differently.  There are over 3000 participants in the project so far (how amazing is that?!  kudos to the 5 artists who put it together!)  No two pages are alike and everyone has different ideas and inspirations.  

Some journalers use their pages like a sketch or art book and take time to create their piece.  There were drawn and painted faces;  realistic and whimsical.  Some incorporated photos, realistic and altered.  I like to journal intuitively, letting a natural creative flow create the page.  Whatever is in my head often gets put down on paper, whether or not it is relevant.  More playing than planning.  I like it that way.  When I am finished I feel the bit of creative release.  

My 'selfie' photo came in the form of a visitors pass from school.  I returned home and just stuck in to a sheet of painted waxed paper.  I added some stitching, collage, paint and markers.  While I don't have a specific word of the year, there are a few cliche sayings that I like to live by.  No Fear and Live Without Fear are two of them.  

My journaling/paper area is encroaching on my fabric and quilting area.  One big happy, creative mess (where of course I know where everything is.)

Create something today!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I suppose one knows they are getting older when they are oh-so-very content to stay home on New Years Eve, indulge on some Talenti gelato and 'play' in their art and craft studio until the ball dropped.   I suppose age has nothing to do with it as much as contentment in doing what makes me happy.  Among other things I played and practiced with watercolors, which is not something I have done much of.  I also worked on the cover of my journal planner for the Documented Life project which I am participating in this year.
It begins with a Moleskin Planner.  I have always been a Moleskin sketchbook fan and never knew they made planners.  I am a visual person (not to mention a forgetful person)  and NEED to write things  down.  Ever since I did the upgrade to my iPhone I have hated the calendar section.  I think I will be using this planner as a creative planner, keeping track of the creative things that I do and wish to do. The Documented Life Project will have weekly prompts as well, so that will help fill the journal and creatively challenge us participants. Above is the cover of my planner - below is the full spread.  I apparently didn't seal the layers very well and smeared some paint and ink.  I rather like the result.  More will get added to the cover as the project progresses.

The organizers of the Documented Life project are five super-talented artists who have gathered together to share with us and challenge us.  More on that to come, I am certain.  
Our first prompt/challenge was to incorporate our door - or a door - on a page.  Here is mine:
I took a photo of my front door and printed it on regular paper in black and white.  I used Portfolio crayons to tint the area and doodled and collaged around it.  The colors I used represent what is on the inside.  You can't tell how funky and colorful I am from the street.  I love how my two papillons are peeking out through the door - as always.  

Looking forward to creating something every day in 2014.  How about you?