Thursday, April 27, 2017

I'm a Hooker

Rug hooking has made it's way into my creative space and let me say, I am hooked!  I was at a quilt show years ago and was intrigued by the booth that had rug hooking kits and supplies.  The stacks of wool were like a magnet that kept pulling me back to the display.  Before I left that day I decided to choose a simple pattern and hook.  I chose some wool that the shop owner cut into strips with a special cutter.  I went home with a large, oblong plastic bag filled with layers of quarter inch wool pieces.  To me it looked like a giant bag of candy!  And then it sat for years, being picked up and put down and admired like that delicious bag of candy that a kid wants to save.

This past winter I took the kit on our family vacation to Montana.  Knowing I was going to be in a cabin for extended periods of time I decided I would teach myself to hook.  So I did - and  loved it.  I finished that project and have subsequently ordered four more kits from various suppliers, joined an online group and reached out to anyone that I could find that hooked in South Florida. [Not many, but if you exist, I hope to find you!]

I need to learn how to properly finish the projects. Hopefully some lessons are in my future!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Taking Notes and Making Samples

I asked my teenage son (who is a film maker and musician) why he takes such long showers.  His response was that he gets his best ideas in the shower.  Admittedly, I agree with him!  I have been known to jot down ideas of things I want to do, say or make on a notepad on my bathroom counter. Many times they are topics I want to blog about.  Unfortunately they don't make it off that pad.  There is a lot I want to write and share with the world - finding the time (and motivation) to type it out is one of my hurdles.  Another hurdle is visuals.  I would guess that there are facts that state that photos on a blog or article are necessary for it to be read.  On my to-do list is learn some basic Photo shop, or at the least learn how to take and edit decent photos on my phone.

Ideas swirl in my head like a cyclone.  Opinions and ideas on the state of my industry (quilting and sewing), tutorials I would like to share and liberating opinions of being a women over 50.  [Heck, I could be the next Pioneer Woman - the Suburban Woman.  I can tick so many boxes: wife of a man going through a just-past-mid-life career change who already had a heart attack, mother of 2, one having an auto-immune disease, the other with anxiety, breast cancer survivor, small business owner, crafter, traveler.  I just can't cook anything my family will eat. They would never eat anything Pioneer Woman cooks.  Love her, though.  We share having basset hounds.)

I have the pleasure of meeting so many interesting and creative people in the world in which I work  I love it.  Artists and crafters make the world so colorful, meaningful, colorful and authentic.  It would be nice to share those stories and experiences.  But I digress.  More importantly - what am I creating lately?

Quilt shop samples, of course!  A Trip Around the World using a pattern from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville.  It is a pattern I enjoy making because I get to rip out seems that are not due to mistakes!

Using a Tabby Road by Tula Pink layer cake and a new template from Dash Quilting I created this quilt.  Fun and easy to make.

In my next post I will tell you about my newest creative obsession.  What are YOU working on?