Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art and Soul Fed my Soul

I'm back from Art and Soul in Hampton, VA and had a fantastic time. While I am happy to be home with my family it was sad to leave, as it a wonderful, refreshing, inspiring place to be if you enjoy creating and be around creative people.

I enjoyed my classes and have some amazing finished projects to show off now that I am home. I snapped a few photos while I was there. They were taken with my iphone so the quality leaves something to be desired. I will take some additional shots of my creations in addition to the two fat books that I brought home.

A quick run down and a few photos to start.

Friday was the first day of class for me and I took 'Bevy of Books' with Albie Smith. She was such a delight. We spent the first part of the day making papers - color washes, prints, molding paste papers. The afternoon was spent learning new techniques in sizing and binding books. I have a stack of pretty pretty papers and a few finished hand bound books. I will photograph these soon to show you.

Friday Evening was a Art Journaling Meetup organized by artist and author Diana Trout. Lots of people turned out for some socializing, art journal camaraderie and sharing (and trading of course). We were joined by the wonderful staff from the on site store, Collage. No photos from this - hopefully I can link to some when others post.

Saturday was Soldering for Virgins with the ever popular Sally Jean Alexander. Artist, author, cheerleader and mom - it was a great day!! We learned the basics of soldering and I finished six soldered charms in all shapes and sizes and put them together on a bracelet - bling!!

Sally Jean, who was assisted by her adorable daughter, was a motivating and easy to follow instructor. I took her 'Lovebird Necklace' on Saturday. We began the day with the creation of a collage and then put together the elements to be soldered into the most incredible piece of art jewelry. I modeled my [almost] finished piece above, shown posing with Sally Jean. I can't wait to solder on my own!

This is Sally Jean's sample necklace. Beautiful, isn't it?

I'l post more photos and reports, along with the many ideas, inspirations, and interesting people that I met in Hampton. We had vendor night and my final workshop was with the amazingly talented and color loving Traci Bautista.

Come back soon to visit!

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