Thursday, December 31, 2015

Welcome 2016

Well January snuck up on me.
This past year seams to have zipped by, and no one in my household is complaining about that.  Not a super great year for everyone here, but we are all forward thinking so we welcome this new year with open arms!

Did you have a resolution for 2015?  Did you keep it?  I did.
I decided to set a new years resolution that was reasonable and attainable and I decided I wanted to get into the new millennium by finally setting up online bill paying and banking and I did it.  It may not seem like a big deal but it was something I had never done and I feel good about getting it ALL done.  I had thought about a few other things, like draw and journal every day but that was not going to happen.

Now that it's another new year I need to come up with another resolution.  I need to exercise but to set a regular schedule to stick to is never going to work, as much as it should.  I would like to try adding some yoga this year.  I have only tried it twice in my life but my mind and body seems to be telling me to do it.  Can't promise a set number of days a week so fast but lets try it.

High on my list this year is to up my art quilting skills.  It's another thing that is pulling at me - if that makes sense.  I am kicking off my new year with Craft Napa, an art quilting retreat in Northern California where I had a tough time choosing classes to register for.  There are only three days of offerings and I could have filled more than a week!  Can't wait!

I added some photos to this post that have inspired me this year. Places I visited, people I met and of course some of the quilts on exhibit that I am privileged to see have filled my iphoto files.  Didn't even know where to start but here a some that jumped out at me.  I look forward to having lots more to share in 2016.

Happy New Year!!

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