Friday, September 30, 2016

If I don't try...

I won't grow as a quilter - more apt, an art quilter, if I don't try.  Challenge myself.  Put myself 'out there.'  It is hard for anyone and I envy the artists that have the confidence to enter and exhibit pieces and call themselves the artists that they are.  Have you ever attended an art show and thought to yourself 'I can make that', 'my art is better than that'?  If you said 'no' - I don't believe you.   

My son is a budding film maker and musician.  He calls himself an artist.  While an introvert, he confidently enters student film in competitions and posts his work on line.  I admire his confidence. Perhaps what differentiates those that have the ability to call themselves artists feel the message that they have to share with the world through their medium, as opposed to what many of us have, which is the need to make something visually appealing.  

I created this art quilt for a show that Pokey Bolton organized to pay tribute to the late Yvonne Porcella.   Yvonne was a talented artist, art quilter and founder of SAQA.  This piece was inspired by an early book of hers.  I submitted the photos and statements and it did not get selected.  I was not surprised, as the artists who also submitted works are the tops in the quilt world.  And this is not my best work - too much negative space on the top and bottom (it would have been better if it was horizontally focused, but I did not read the instructions for the dimensions until I had finished the kimono piece.)  I don't feel bad about this piece, even though I did not get accepted, because I tried.  I did some small piecing and painted, did hand and machine work.  I put myself 'out there'.

I am thinking of adding some beading and entering it in a local show.  And I will continue to grow in my artistic journey.  I will continue to try and put myself out there.  Perhaps someday I will have the true confidence to call myself an artist.  

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