Friday, April 3, 2015

My creativity is mine.
All mine.

No one can take it away from me.  I don't depend on anyone for it.  It brings me security and peace.  It doesn't cost money.  I can share it but I can't give it away.  Sometimes it gets lost but it always comes back.

I think everyone has it.  Maybe at different levels.  Perhaps they don't recognize it or they suppress it.  That would be sad.  I can nurture and feed it.  Expand upon it.  

I watched a show this morning and it profiled a young artist.  He lost his eyesight  but never lost his creativity.  He nurtured his talents to raise over $1 million for charity with his art.  

Life is uncertain, unbalanced, unexplainable.  I can always find some stability and comfort with pens and paper and needles and thread.  The older I get the wiser I am to know that my creativity will be with me through my last breath.  It will be a constant part of travels and adventures during my forever.  Even as I write about it, I finish with a smile and a heart full of satisfaction. 

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