Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Toy du Jour - Thermofax Screens

Do we every really grow up?  I still want new toys to play with.  

The shoemaker's children have no shoes.  My staff says this when I complain that I don't have tons of fabric and every cool quilt gadget at home.  Don't pity me however, because I never leave a quilt show (or craft store or book store) empty handed.  The Broward Quilt Expo was no exception. So, what did I get?

Thermofax screens and fabric paint!  I have seen them often mentioned in art quilting magazines and blogs and have wanted to try them.  The wonderful gals at the fiber arts booth gave me a quick how-to and home I went.  Using Theremofax screens are simple and reasonably priced method of screenprinting.  In the photo above I used a screen with an old written letter design and some silver and brown paints on solid and hand dyed fabrics.  They will make nice additions to art quilts.  Have you used Thermofax in quilts?

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