Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Documented Life Week 7 and Other Creative Endeavors

Must say I have been enjoying the weekly page challenges/prompts for the Documented Life project.  It's a manageable commitment, which is always good - because it gives me the opportunity to stay up to date and current with everyone else.  Week 7 was to draw a shape - and repeat!  So many talented people are participating in this online group that it can be quite inspiring (and often intimidating if you are one who compares their art skills with that of others.)   Many pages are well thought out and planned, others, like mine, are more serendipitous and 'in-the-moment'.  Before I started my page I perused some of my craft draws for some inspiration.  I came upon a circle stencil with many sizes of the round shape.  I proceeded to draw circles then added color, texture, highlights, stitching, etc...

Not so artistic but fun and relaxing.  I did the circles on a larger sheet of paper so before creating the tip in I folded it in half and added some machine stitching.  The back of the page also has some of the circles with some words added.

A fellow quilt guild member is also participating in the Documented Life project so we sat down and enjoyed looking at each others' planner.  It's nice to know others who enjoy working in all types of creative media.  I go back and forth between the paper and the fabric daily and mix it up when I can.  Tomorrow I take a class from long time quilt expert Cindy Blackberg, who will be teaching hand piecing mixed with hand embroidery.  I love learning new techniques!  Cindy uses rubber stamps and Versa Craft stamp pads to in lieu of tracing templates.   This sounds brilliant to me and I can't wait to play tomorrow!   I'll let you know what I think.

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