Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Documented Life Project - Weeks 5 and 6

What happened to week 4?  I didn't photograph it.  I didn't like it that much anyway.  The challenge for week 4 was to write a message and hide it by painting, collaging or journaling over it.  I liked that part.  

The week 5 Challenge was to add a doodle border.  I love all of the doodling I see on the many websites and groups (like this one).  I have read about and tried zentangles (in fact I like to joke that all of the mindless doodling all over my school books growing up looked liked zentangles.  I may have been ahead of the trend as a kid.)  So I doodled a border of giant flowery shapes.
I like to journal 'in the moment" so I added some letters for some mental reinforcement and wrote about all of the stresses of the present. Not necessary bad things mind you.  It always feels good to spill my thoughts on paper.  It's cheaper than therapy. 

The week 6 challenge was to do a page inspired by a Pinterest pin or board.   Being that I am in the fabric and quilting industry I pin a lot of quilt artists.  Jamie Fingal is an artist who creates amazing art quilts and other fiber art creations (like decoupaging boots with fabric!)  I did a page inspired by Jamie's artwork and her new fabric line (which I LOVE!)
This is my page - I used some of my new Inktense pencils along with some various markers.  
Check out these boots!  Love them and want to make a pair for myself!
An art quilt created by Jamie Fingal with her new fabrics! 

Truly enjoying participating in The Documented Life Project.  My business may be fabric but I will always be true to my first love - paper!  Even if I just spend a few minutes coloring or writing in the planner it makes me happy.  On to week 7.

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