Monday, March 23, 2015

Drawing Toast

I mentioned in an earlier post that quilt artist Sarah Ann Smith learned to draw during her second career as an artist - as a grown up and not in art school. She recommended a few online sites I visited them immediately. Within an hour of returning home, I had purchased Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory for my ipad reader.
It reads quickly, easily and do-able. I am not one for long exercises, special papers and tons of new supplies (okay, that is a lie, I love art supplies) and need to make any self guided learning goals reasonable and attainable. I can, have, and will continue to work from this book. Danny Gregory has you drawing for learning techniques and not for perfection. And he makes it so you really can find the time to draw. I read ahead of the exercises and did go back and do them. And I didn't actually draw toast, as I don't eat toast for breakfast. But I have drawn my coffee mug, craft project, and a table in my deck with some cool shadowing. Sketchbook and pencil are on the kitchen counter ready for me to just draw. Want to learn to draw? Check out his book and blog so you can create every day, too!

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  1. Funny he is the feature artist for DLP this month. I have been trying to start sketching daily but never seem to make it happen. Maybe his book can help me get a kickstart into this daily practice. Thanks