Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mind Spilling

That is how I described my methods and thoughts about art journaling to a fellow quilter who said she could never do what I, and other journalers, do. I quickly replied that she was wrong. Because she was. Because anyone can journal if one has a writing tool and something to journal in or on. I believe this lady was specifically referring to some photos and journal pages that she had seen from the Documented Life Project last year. I love collaging, doodling and mark making. I also like to write out my thoughts (not ALWAYS for others to read), as I find it does so many positive things to my head. For me it is mind spilling.

Did you keep a diary when you were a kid? "Dear diary. My mom is the meanest in the world. My friends are so mean. I really like this guy...." It was a place to write our thoughts out. If we were angry we could calm our temper. We could safely share our secrets. It was a tool to help us through the tumultuous tween years. For me, a few years later, art journaling works the same way. I just have more fun doing it, as I am playing with pretty papers and juicy pens. My pages often have a tone reflective of something on my mind. I will do some artistic lettering and write in the blank spaces. During a workshop with author and artist Diana Trout, she had us journal - spill our thoughts out on a page. We then took gesso and covered our writing. Our thoughts were there, down on paper, forever - and private, never to be read by others. But WE knew it was there. It was a bit liberating.

If you have been wanting to try journaling, do it. You can. You don't need a lot of stuff. And there are TONS of websites with instructions, prompts, ideas and more. You can join in a weekly journal-a-long or you can keep it to yourself with a pencil and paper. If you don't do it every day, no one will know. If you don't draw well, no one will know. It is for YOU. It is your creative journey - enjoy it!


  1. Hi, Johanna. I just stopped by from Sketchbook Skool because you were mentioned there...the long way around to get to a fellow quilter's blog! Hope you join the SBS group. And I enjoyed visiting your very creative blog.
    Best, nadia

    1. Thanks, Nadia! I found out about Sketchbook Skool through a lecturer at my quilt guild who was teaching Hawaiian quilting. One never knows where they will gather good information and meet cool people.