Thursday, March 26, 2015

What I [Wish I] Was Watching on TV

Most of you who are reading this are creative and can understand the need for busy hands.  I cannot simply sit in front of a television and watch a show or movie - I must be doing something simultaneously, such as binding a quilt or doodling.  More often than not the tv is on for something to listen to while I create something.  It was great once upon a time when there were shows on cable networks that combined the two - they aired craft shows!
Wouldn't it be great if we could watch a craft show once again?!  When my first son was born and I found myself home with an infant, Carol Duvall was my saving grace.  Each morning at 10:00 she would enter my family room and show me how to make cool cards, rubber stamp and so much more.  She would take me to visit artists around the country - into their galleries and studios.  I loved the diversion and inspiration.  

A few years later I was entertained by Jennifer Perkins and her Craft Lab.  She brought visiting artists in to her studio to teach segments.  Loved the projects she did and found many other artists and crafters to follow via this show.

Craft Corner Death Match was a hoot!  Such a simple and fun concept, and they were way ahead of the game with this reality contest.  [The celebrity filled craft contest show that was aired in recent years didn't hold a candle to this show!]

There were so many others out there, including the quilter Eleanor Burns and knitter Vicki Howell.  And the show that visited artist studios in each episode.  And where is Creative Juice?
 Do you miss these shows?  Aren't there enough crafters and artists out there to cater a little bit of programming toward?  [I know, I know, stream it on the computer.  I just like my shows bigger, mounted up high in my room and loud enough that I can hear over my sewing machine.  But I digress.] All of these craft celebrities are online and I have had the pleasure of taking classes with Eleanor multiple times.  I'll put my older self out there, though, and say "bring back the craft shows!"
With me?

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