Monday, March 16, 2015

Postcards and Time

Most creative people I believe will agree that there is never enough time in a day/week/month to do all of the things that we desire! My quilt shop is certainly creativity based and I have the pleasure of surrounding myself with other creative people and FABRIC each and every day but I don't always have time to do the things that I wish to do - for myself. Not complaining. Love what I do. Any quilting I do does tend to be prioritized for the store, however. Just itching to delve into the art quilting world, I picked up some new 'toys' from the Broward Quilt Expo this weekend. Some new fabric paint and Thermofax screens, which I have wanted to experiment with for a while. I added some hand dyed Osnaberg and linen to play with. Now that the show is over I think I will have some more free time for personal projects. After 4 straight days at the show, I indulged in some paper arts and made four collage postcards for the Mail Me Some Art swap. All found images representing the letter 'M'. FUN and a great way to jump start my art brain.
I fulfilled my New Years resolution, which was to get my bill paying set up online. Perhaps I should add this to my list - a 2nd quarter resolution- to really get my personal blog up and running. I know I can write more than one at a time and schedule the posts. I have lots of things to write about, as I keep journals everywhere so I can record my thought and ideas on paper. To just do it. And then find people to read it!

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