Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's on my Craft Table? Backgrounds

Paper and fabric.
I have crafty ADD - I can't focus on just one medium, but must bounce around from fabric to paper to jewelry, sometimes within the same hour. It all makes me happy so who's to judge.  

I have sketchbooks and notebooks all over the place so I can record my thoughts and ideas whenever they may strike.  I will draw out ideas for quilts with a pencil when the vision pops into my head.  Give me a challenge and I will sketch several [what I think are] really cool ideas.  Maybe I will make ONE - and it is usually the simpler one.  But the others are not forgotten and are immortalized in these books.  I still WANT to make the others, especially art quilts.  So I begin with a background.

I have 2 1/2" fabric strip rolls that are all different white on white prints.  I thought that making a 'jelly roll race' quilt using these strips would make an interesting background, so I sewed all 40 strips end to end.  Deciding that this would be too large of a background, I cut the long strip in half so I will have two bases on which to build upon.  

On the paper side of the table, I have been playing with my Gelli Plates to make some painted backgrounds.  I like to keep these on hand to use in collage, to make books, postcards and more.  (I have used my Gelli plate to create paint patterns on fabric, too!)

Peak season in Florida is winding down and that means that I will once again take some trips - personal, business and family.  Lots of creativity planned in these trips and I'll be sharing them here.  
Now go create something.

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